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September 28-30,2021

The Opinions of the State Council of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Supporting Shenzhen in Building an Early Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics” encourages Shenzhen to build a pilot zone for the innovation and development of the digital economy. Shenzhen’s digital economy is developing at high speed. In 2019, the scale of Shenzhen’s digital economy industry ranked first among large and medium-sized cities in China, with more than 2.7 trillion yuan. The digital economy industry’s added value was 159.659 billion yuan, with an increase of 18.0%, and Shenzhen continuously reinforced the support for the digital economy.

The Global Digital Economy Industry Conference 2021 is going to hold in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in September 2021. With the theme”Focus on Digital Economy, Empowering future life”, the Expo will bring together new generation technologies, such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and 5G communication, etc. It will demonstrate cutting-edge technology application solutions and frontier products in information security, new digital infrastructure, digital transformation, industrial Internet, smart society, etc. The Expo will display the latest domestic and abroad technologies, products, services and business models in the digital economy, creating the world’s top service platform for digital economy cooperation and exchange.

Digital New Infrastructure

Based on new-generation information and communication technology, driven by digital technology and Internet concept, the digital new infrastructure mainly includes 5G base station construction, extra-high voltage, intercity rail transportation, new energy vehicle charging pile, industrial Internet, big data center, artificial intelligence, etc.

Digital Government

Supported by a new generation of information technology, the digital government is reshaping the government information architecture, further optimizing and adjusting, and comprehensively improving government functions, including intelligent government, intelligent taxation, intelligent industry and commerce, intelligent office, intelligent supervision, intelligent decision-making and other intelligent service platforms.

Digital Business

Provides enterprise digital transformation, intelligent finance, intelligent operation and maintenance, information operation and management, digital marketing solutions, new retail, etc.

Digital Park

Intelligent park, intelligent building, intelligent property, green energy-saving Companies to be invited: Yida, EDA Yuntu, Tianan Digital City, Junshi, Zuo Neighbor, Flying Enterprise Internet, etc.

Digital Travel

Covering intelligent transportation, intelligent tourism, intelligent cars, autonomous driving, positioning technology, etc.

Smart City

Based on new infrastructure, including "urban planning and management", "urban security and emergency", etc., to create a top-level ecological design of urban intelligent body solutions for cities.

WITMED(Wise Information Technology of med)

WITMED refers to Digital medical equipment, networking of medical equipment, information medical management platform, personalized medical services, medical big data, medical imaging, precision medicine, mobile medical, wisdom hospital, etc

Digital Life

Smart livelihood, smart community, smart home, consumer electronics, AR/VR, life apps applications, etc.

Intelligent Manufacturing

Industrial internet, intelligent design, intelligent assembly, intelligent manufacturing, industrial robotics, digital delivery, industrial software, industrial management platform system, intelligent storage, intelligent logistics, intelligent factory, etc.


M e d i a


  • September 28
  • September 29
  • September 30
Main Forum 09:00-12:00 2021 Global Digital Economy Conference
Sub-Forum 09:00-12:00 Annual Award Ceremony : China Smart Manufacturing Innovation Forum and OFweek Cup Industrial Automation Industry 2021
09:30-12:00 Digital Economy Industry Investment Forum 2021
12:00-14:00 CEO Banquet
Sub-Forum 13:30-17:00 China Industrial Internet Industry Application Forum 2021(2nd)
14:00-17:00 China 5G Information Industry Development Forum
14:00-17:00 China WITMED Industry Conference 2021

The organizer reserves the right to update and interpret the agenda

  • Jianquan Yao

    Academician of Chinese
    Academy of Sciences

  • Hequan Wu

    Academician of Chinese
    Academy of Engineering

  • Wen Gao

    Academician of Chinese
    Academy of Engineering

  • Jianrong Tan

    Academician of Chinese
    Academy of Engineering/
    Professor of Zhejiang University

  • Ruxu Du

    Academician of Canadian
    Academy of Engineering

  • Xinsheng Ji

    Expert of Network communication and security,Purple Mountain Laboratories/ Project Manager of Innovative Research Group, National Natural Science Foundation

  • Jin He

    Director of Peking University, Shenzhen SoC / Professor of
    Peking University

  • Hui Zhang

    Chairman Secretary of China IoT,
    Basic Standards Team

  • Guangda Su

    Professor of Tsinghua University

  • Zhongming Shen

    SN ENGR of Shanghai Jiao Tong University

  • Zhibing Shu

    Professor and Director of Institute of
    Motion Control,Nanjing Tech University

  • Linlin Shen

    Director of Computer Vision Institute,
    Shenzhen University /
    Professor of Shenzhen University

  • Min Wei

    Expert of IOT International Standard Committee, Professor of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications

  • Jianhua Yu

    Professor of Shenzhen Unviersity

  • Ping Wang

    Chongqing University of Posts
    and Telecommunications

  • Yihua Huang

    Professor of Nanjing University /
    Vice-chairman of CCF Task Force on
    Big Data (CCF TFBD)

  • Kefeng Nie

    Head of Baidu Security

  • Yuheng Chen

    General Manager of China Mobile
    LoT Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen branch

  • Yi Zhu

    Partner of Enterprise Consultant Services Department of IBM Greater China Region; General Manager of IBM Cognitive Decision Services

  • Liang Li

    Deputy General Manager
    of Smart city of PING AN COMPANY OF
    CHINA ,LTD. 

  • Jun Xiao

    General Manager of Qianhai Haier
    COSMOPlat South China Region

  • Jinfan Zhang

    Director of Tecent IoT
    Ecological Cooporation

  • Xu Yang

    Senior Global Vice President of Intel Corporation; Vice President of Intel Corportaion Greater China Region

  • Qianshang Qu

    Vice President of Sucheon

  • Jerl Li

    VP of Sino Base

  • Jiazhao Wu

    Co-founder of Qipeng

  • Zhen guan

    CTA of Microsoft

  • Wentian Xu

    General Manager, Electronics Industry, Global Enterprise Consulting Services, IBM China

  • Xiang He

    Director of Didi Enterprise
    Edition South China

  • Wenbin Feng

    General Manager of Huawei
    Cloud Shenzhen

  • Ning Che

    Chairman of Shenzhen YuntianliFei
    Technology Co.Ltd

  • Yong Zhang

    Chairman of the Board and
    Chief Executive Officer of Alibaba Group

  • Hua Yao

    Vice President, Chief Architect, Uniview

  • Jianan Hao

    Co-founder and COO of
    Tucson Internet

  • Jian Zhou

    Founder and CEO, Shenzhen
    UBTECH Co. Ltd

  • Wu Gan Sha

    Chairman and CEO,
    UISEE Technology

  • Xi Zhou

    Founder of CLOUDWALK

  • Qiang Li

    Global Vice President and General Manager of SAP China

  • Jianhua Zhuang

    Founder of ECOVACS

  • More guests
    stay tuned

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